My local pal, cartoonist Colin Upton (whose full page comic about hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time can be seen in #1 issue), is a tea aficionado and has a blog on YouTube about the subject. Last year I asked if I could appear to talk about Yorkshire tea and away we went. It was episode no. 36. The resulting video will, here’s hoping, turn a few people on to this most excellent blend from across the pond.

I must say I come across as pretty darn adorable in a frazzled sort of way. It was my first webcam experience and quite an exciting time. Perhaps I had too much coffee? Trust me, I don’t stick my tongue out (I hope!) or self-consciously adjust my glasses quite so often in real life, nor refer to my husband and I as “we” nearly as much. All things considered I feel comfortable with Colin, and it was a fairly normal chat pattern between us, yet hella more animated.