I organized two singles, and three full length music CD’s for BOAC. While the discs were professionally pressed, not CDR’s, and professionally mastered, the packaging was, ahem, lo-fi as the parlance of the day would have it, with each disc hand packaged by myself. I tried my best and there is a sweet naivety to everything. Yes, let’s go with that.

I certainly didn’t have the budget for professionally printed liners and/or packaged CD’s. Lots of cut & pasting, with photocopying going on at work. My B.C. Tel manager gave me permission to print my VOTW zine on the printers at work, in my spare time, as long as I used my own paper, which I always did. A few CD liner notes may have been printed along the way.

The second issue of BOAC contained the song “Country Morn” written and performed by Chris Bell, on a one sided Eva-Tone soundsheet (aka flexi disc.) It is “Watch the Sunrise” with different lyrics. I pressed 1,500, some were solid black, some see-through blue, and, frankly too many were clear-see-through which lived up to the name (the lack of colour turned out to be kind of a pain as it was invisible on the page.)

Being able to be the first person to release this to the public was a high-point for BOAC and meeting a stoked, and friendly, David Bell was one of my happiest days ever. Please enjoy this video of “Country Morn” spinning on a turntable! Memphis son, Rich Tupica (aka BobSeger1981) put this together.


The second single, black vinyl with a gold label, was a freebie with issue 3, and also pressed at Eva-Tone. It features two of the best ever Memphis power pop acts, Van Duren and Tommy Hoehn performing originals co-written with a Big Star member. The 45 has the two songs on each side, so when you wear it out from repeated plays you can flip and start over. First up is the gorgeous “The Love That I Love” by Van, which he co-wrote with Jody Stephens. Second is “She Might Look My Way” by Tommy which he co-wrote with Alex Chilton. Pretty ace! Thanks to Patrick Pierson and Rich Tupica for use of their YouTube videos which feature these songs.