Most people that visit this page will likely be looking for the BIG STAR related zine, BACK OF A CAR (as always, known as BOAC for short.) If so, welcome, you’ve made it. You will find everything related to BOAC; the four print issues, two singles, and three full length CD’s.

Also here is the wee mag I did about my profession as a Telephone Operator, titled Voice On The Wire (VOTW, why yes I do like my acronyms) plus there’s a section where you can view my tattoo, watch me drink tea, check out the Big Star related artwork I made in my mid 20’s, and peruse the book review column I wrote in yee olden days.

That debut issue of BOAC came out in August, 1994, so, hey, better late then never to get these things online I suppose. The zine is almost 22 years old. Oh dear. Have fun with it. I’m proud of my zine experience, and I envy anyone discovering the beauty of Big Star for the first time.

Rocker Jude photo by Patty Sudan